Loan Finder™ processed this request for {Name (Prefix):428.2} {Name (First):428.3} {Name (Last):428.6} on {Date:295}:

This is a business loan request for the company {Company:465}, for business uses of proceeds including, “{Bus_Uses:431} {Spec_bus_loan_uses:400}”. The loan amount range requested is “{loan_amount_range:351}”, and the personal credit/FICO score is in the range of “{Credit_score_range:469}”. The closing time requirement is: “{Closing Time Requested:472}”.

Based on your requirements, Loan Finder has determined the following loans and options are available at Commercial Capital Ltd. FL:

SBA, USDA and agancy

SBA & Agency

Program Count: 101
Options: Fixed | Adjustable
Amortization: 15 | 20 | 25 | 30 | 40

You will receive an email at {Email:392}, with instructions to continue to select your options for your term sheet when Loan Finder finishes processing your request. Feel free to contact our team with any questions meanwhile at 888.959.1648. Thanks for using Loan Finder™.


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